Career at Kingha Coffee

Kingha Coffee Company seeks to employ a Daily Operations Manager on its coffee estate in Southwestern, Uganda. The following credentials are required:

1. Comprehensive knowledge of the coffee industry, specifically growing, harvesting and processing arabica and robusta coffee.

2. Minimum 2 years proven leadership in management.

3. Minimum 2 years proven ability to manage a staff team of over 10 employees.

4. University degree or equivalent relevant qualification.

5. Minimum 2 years experience of living and working in the developing world.

6. Proven success in the agro-economic industry.

7. Strong leadership skills.

8. Valid, legal driving permit.

9. Zero criminal record, interpol/homecountry record check must be provided.

10. Financial understanding of daily business operations.

11. Fluent in Microsoft Word and Excel.

Compensation package includes:

-return airfare

-food and lodging

-competitive salary

Please email your CV to

Note that only successful applicants will be contacted for further interviews.

Closing Date: June 15, 2018

Published by kinghacoffee

Owner and Managing Director at Kingha Coffee, a small hold Arabica and Robusta coffee plantation in the mountains in southwestern Uganda.

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