Founded in 2015 by Kingsley Griffin and Maha Sarraf, Kingha Coffee produces some of the finest arabica coffee available in Uganda.  Our coffee estate is nestled in the volcanic soils of the Kigezi Mountains in south western Uganda, on the edge of The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  The climate in the area is ideal for growing great coffee, benefitting from two annual rainy seasons which translates into two annual harvests – a fly crop in late winter and a main crop in the fall.  For sample and purchase requests contact Kingsley Griffin via email on kgriffin@kinghacoffee.com.  All enquiries will be answered in 24 hours.



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Coffee Training

Today we are in Nyakinoni, in S.W. Uganda training local coffee farmers about pest control.  Our lead agronomist is explaining to the group how they can recycle old plastic bottles and use them to trap harmful insects.  The farmers bait the trap using locally made banana gin and hang them in their coffee gardens…such a … Continue reading Coffee Training

Coffee Community Outreach

Our Lead Community Outreach Agronomist has been hard at work helping to train local coffee farmers about the benefits of stumping old coffee trees.  Stumping old coffee trees encourages the growth of healthy, new branches, leading to a fully rejuvenated coffee garden.  After stumping, the farmers are encouraged to add shade tress to protect the … Continue reading Coffee Community Outreach

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