Kasoni Kingha Collective

Altitude: 1300 - 1500 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Natural. Floated, Handpicked, Sorted, Dried on Raised Beds.

Harvest: April 2023

Variety: SL 28, 35 and Nyasaland

SCA Cup Score: 85+

Cup profile: Well balanced, clean cup, just enough fruit to make it fun. Crisp finish.

Grown at 1300 - 1500 meters up at the top of the local mountain range in and around the village of Kasoni, this natural coffee comes down the mountain each day and directly over to Kingha Estate for floating, sorting, handpicking and drying.

We have been working with the farmers in Kasoni for almost a decade, in fact it is the very first village we ever sourced coffee from.  In 2014, while out for a ride on a boda boda, (a type of small motorcycle in Uganda used for everything from daily commutes to transporting livestock), we decided to take the road less travelled and ended up in the village of Kasoni; and what a great detour it turned out to be.

One of the founding principles of Kingha Coffee is the idea that giving is the most rewarding work one can do.  Working with the great people in Kasoni has been such a reward way to spend our time.  We have partnered with a local school to provide access to clean drinking water, with great success.  What started as a journey up the mountainside has resulted in a solid partnership with some truly wonderful people who also happen to grow great coffee.

The accompanying photos shows the delivery of a water tank to the local school in Kasoni.

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