Kingha Coffee Estate

Nestled snug in the heart of the volcanic soils of the Kigezi Mountains in S.W. Uganda

Incredible Numbers

Acres of Organic Coffee

Kilograms of Fresh Coffee Cherries

Partner Farmers

School Uniforms Delivered


Since 2015 Kingha Estate has been growing and producing top quality coffees from the heart of the Kigezi Mountains.  All of the coffee grown on our 20 acre estate is sustainably shade grown and fully organic.

We also work with over 1000 partner farmers providing free training and agricultural education programs.  This helps to ensure that each farming family is able to produce great coffee, while earning enough income to support their families.  We pay over and above the market rate to our partners, meaning you get amazing coffee and our partner farmers get a great price.

Kingha Coffee ripe beans
Kingha Estate Quality Control
Kingha Coffee School Kids


Enriching, empowering and working hard to transform the lives of some of Uganda's most at risk youth is paramount to the Kingha mission.  We work closely with the schools in our community providing direct educational assistance, clothing donations, tuition grants and school supplies.  If you would like to be part of the Kingha journey just let us know.  We would love to have you take part in whatever capacity you're able.

Kingha:Coastal Karangara Primary School 10
Kingha:Coastal Bjwenge Primary School 8