Kingha Estate Grown

Altitude: 1500 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Natural. Floated, Handpicked, Sorted, Dried on Raised Beds.

Harvest: April 2023

Variety: SL 35

SCA Cup Score: 86 – 88

Cup profile: Well balanced cup with a pleasantly funky fruit-forward body – clean acidity.

Kingha Estate was founded in 2015 as community driven entrepreneurial project. In 2015 we planted 18,000 coffee trees and began to look forward to 2020 with our first anticipated harvest. By the time 2020 arrived we were in full harvest mode at Kingha and to our delight the coffees we harvested that year were some of the best in Uganda. With an SCA cup score of 86 – 87, these are truly some great coffees.

We produce our coffee in small batches, with all of the work done carefully by hand. These coffees are carefully selected at the peak of the harvest season, floated, hand- sorted and then placed on raised beds to dry in the warm Uganda sunshine. While drying the coffee is hand-turned every 30 minutes to ensure an even drying process, protecting the quality of the coffee. When the coffee has reached the proper moisture levels it is it is then hulled, graded and placed in Grain-Pro bag to ensure the coffee maintains its quality.

This coffee makes a fantastic single origin offering, as it is a unique small batch coffee that really stands out on amongst the competition. In the accompanying photos you can see the care and detail we put into all of our coffee cherries, ensuring on the best we have to offer reaches your coffee cup.