Vicent Mpungu Single Origin

Altitude: 1950 Meters Above Sea Level

Processing: Natural. Floated, Handpicked, Sorted, Dried on Raised Beds.

Harvest: April 2023

Variety: SL 28, 35 and Nyasaland

SCA Cup Score: 86+

Cup profile: Jammy and Fruity with Great Structure and Bright Acidity.

Grown at 1950 meters up in the Kigezi mountains, in the small village of Mpungu, this exceptional single origin coffee comes from our partner farmer Vicent Butamanya’s 20 acre coffee farm. Vicent’s coffee farm lies at the end of a long and winding road way up in the mountains. Reaching his farm and getting his coffee cherries down the mountain presents some significant logistical challenges, but ones we are happy to overcome to bring you this exceptional coffee from an exceptional farmer.

We have been working with Vicent since 2018, sourcing small batches of his top quality coffee.  During the harvest season, Vicent provides 30 - 40 jobs for the surrounding community, providing much needed economic impact in a remote village setting.  We pre-contract Vicent’s coffee, allowing him to focus on growing great coffee and allowing us to bring it to you.

These coffees are carefully selected at the peak of the harvest season, floated, hand-sorted and then placed on raised beds to dry in the warm Uganda sunshine.  While drying the coffee is hand-turned every 30 minutes to ensure an even drying process, protecting the quality of the coffee.  When the coffee has reached the proper moisture levels it is  it is then hulled, graded and placed in Grain-Pro bag to ensure the coffee maintains its quality.

This coffee can be showcased as a great single origin, or carefully blended with other like-minded naturals.  Due to Vicent being the only coffee farmer in his area, this truly is a unique offering.  The accompanying photos show Vicent with his family and his community.

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