Introducing Kingha: Canada’s Best Organic Coffee

For several years, the Kingha team has been working in the southwestern Ugandan highlands, growing and cultivating coffee beans to bring them to the Canadian market. We’re delighted to announce that after a wonderful harvest, our coffee has arrived in Canada, and we have some delicious options for you to try. Therefore, now is the perfect time to introduce you to Kingha, producers of some of Canada’s best organic coffee. 

Who is Kingha Coffee?

Our story begins in 2015 when founders Kingsley Griffin and Maha Sarraf swapped the dunes of the Middle East for the luscious green hills of southwestern Uganda. Their idea was to combine their passion for education with their thirst for cultivating the finest coffee beans in the region. After three years, Kingha’s farm not far from Bwindi Impenetrable forest – home to Uganda’s mountain gorillas – was already producing some of the finest arabica coffee in the whole of Uganda.

In the eight years since Kingha began, we have focused on growing the best organic coffee possible, staying true to our foundational principles of sustainability and transparency. Today, we are delighted that we have fulfilled one of our long-term visions of bringing some of Africa’s best organic coffee to the Canadian market, as we explain below.

Introducing our coffee beans

In the spring of 2023, we were thrilled that a bountiful harvest of Kingha beans arrived in Canada, enabling us to set up our very own online coffee shop for the first time. Although we have been growing the best organic coffee in Uganda for almost a decade, we’re delighted that we can now retail small quantities (up to 1kg) of the best organic coffee to customers across Canada. Right now, we are offering two options: 

Taste profile: jammy sweetness – crisp acidity – burnt toffee

Taste profile: mellow chocolates – bright body – wildflower honey

Grown at 1950 meters up in the Kigezi mountains, in the small village of Mpungu, this exceptional single-origin coffee comes from our partner farmer Vicent Butamanya’s 20-acre coffee farm. Vicent’s coffee farm lies at the end of a long and winding road way up in the mountains. Reaching his farm and getting his coffee cherries down the mountain presents some significant logistical challenges, but ones we are happy to overcome to bring you this exceptional coffee from an exceptional farmer.

Both coffees are delicious and unique to the Canadian market and are among the best organic coffees in Uganda. If you’re unfamiliar with coffee terminology, dry processed (natural) beans are coffees that are dried in the full cherry, prior to the process of de-pulping. Conversely, washed coffees are dried without the cherry. As a result, each method delivers its own distinct taste profile and provides you with the perfect opportunity to sample and enjoy different flavour profiles while enjoying our delicious single-estate beans.

What is unique about Kingha’s coffee beans?

Everyone at Kingha – from our partner growers to the management team – is 100% committed to cultivating and producing the very best organic coffee. We take pride in our pioneering cultivation practices and ensure that we use only natural processes to grow the finest African coffee. Something that helps to stand us apart is that we are also committed to the cultivation of ethical coffee.

Rather than merely focusing on the crop, our founders, Kingsley and Maha, are invested in various charitable projects in southwestern Uganda. Kingha has built libraries and provided various scholastic materials to children in the coffee-growing regions in which we work. We also ensure that we always pay our growers a fair price for their beans, helping them sustainably support their families. Should you buy coffee from Kingha, you can rest assured that we look after the growers that we work with and do our utmost to stick to our core principles. 

If you’re keen to learn more about how Kingha supports coffee-growing communities in Uganda, be sure to follow us on Instagram for regular updates.

Our commitment to the best organic coffee

There’s a lot of noise in the coffee industry, with lots of false promises. However, we are committed to growing the best organic coffee in Uganda, which we have now made available in Canada. We will continue to support our partner growers in various ways to ensure that we remain true to our sustainable and ethical principles. 

So, if you’re keen to try some of the best organic coffee in Canada, check out our online store today and buy 350g or 1kg of our delicious Ugandan coffee to enjoy at home with your family and friends.