Community Impact

We are just wrapping up another successful coffee season, complete with all the ups and downs that come with harvesting and processing 100,000 kgs of fresh coffee cherries.  One of our biggest successes this season was our increasing positive impact on the local communities we work with.

Kingha Coffee was founded with a strong community service ethos at its core, which is something we are proud to have continued from the outset.  This season we added 5  new villages to our partner farmer program, meaning an additional $10,000 of direct financial impact in the local community.  This additional input translates into family wealth creation, where more money is available for schools fees, clothes, food and medical care.

As well, with the additional staffing needs during the busy season, we swelled from 14 employees to over 85 at the peak of the harvest season.  In a community where jobs are scarce, and employment opportunities are minimal, we are incredibly proud to have employed an additional 50 female staff and 20 male staff.  We are empowering the community, one busy season after another!

Thanks to everyone for a great harvest season, we can’t wait to do it all again!