Here We Go…First Pulping of the Season

With the harvest season getting underway our team is working hard to produce some of the best Ugandan coffee out there.  Stock lot samples will be ready in just under a month…book yours now.

First Flowering of the Season

Our amazing trees just keep on cranking out wonderful coffee.  After just producing the first harvest of the season, our coffee trees have decided to start flowering as well.  Looks like we’re in for a fantastic 6 months of beautiful coffees coming from our estate.  Get your favorite coffee mugs ready…this is going to be … Read more

First Harvest of the Season

The harvest season has begun and the first round of coffee looks top-notch.  We naturally-fermented this first lot for 36 hours prior to pulping, just to help bring out the early season mellow stone fruit characteristics of the coffee cherries.  Great start to a very promising season.   And, just in case you wanted to … Read more

Kingha Coffee and Nordic Approach

For the past year we have been working with the great team at Nordic Approach to bring you our top coffees. We are very excited to announce that our coffees are now available through our partnership with Nordic Approach. We had a lot of fun this season experimenting with different fermentation techniques and we are … Read more

Coffee Origin Conversation

Check out the link below to see the latest coffee conversation we did with Nordic Approach, a specialty coffee company who we have partnered with to produce some fantastic new coffees…

Community Impact

We are just wrapping up another successful coffee season, complete with all the ups and downs that come with harvesting and processing 100,000 kgs of fresh coffee cherries.  One of our biggest successes this season was our increasing positive impact on the local communities we work with. Kingha Coffee was founded with a strong community … Read more

UK Barista Championships

We are proud to have been chosen by @redemptionroasters as their coffee of choice in the 2019 UK Barista Championships; they used our Kingha Estate Experimental Preparation lot.  Here are some shots of their barista, Sarah Levine, as she tears it up in the competition.  

The Wait is Over :-)

After a long wait, Kingha’s Single Origin Estate Coffee is now being roasted in Vancouver, BC by our partners at Single Village Coffee.  We’re still waiting for the final cupping report but early tasting notes include dark chocolate and passion fruit.  Less than 30kgs were roasted from this unique microlot so if you’re interested in … Read more

Coffee Training

Today we are in Nyakinoni, in S.W. Uganda training local coffee farmers about pest control.  Our lead agronomist is explaining to the group how they can recycle old plastic bottles and use them to trap harmful insects.  The farmers bait the trap using locally made banana gin and hang them in their coffee gardens…such a … Read more