End of the Road :-)

Today our final 10 bags of speciality coffee are making the trip from the estate to the warehouse.  This season has seen a lot of  long journeys up-country, from the Kingha Estate in Bwindi to the warehouse in Kampala.  Each round trip is about 1000 kms and takes 18-20 hours; that’s a lot of driving for a lot of coffee.  But, that being said, when the coffee reaches its final destination in coffee houses and roasteries around the globe, and people are enjoying some of Uganda’s finest coffee, then all the paved and unpaved miles covered are definitely worth it.  From our estate to your favorite coffee mug, we hope you truly enjoy the fruits of our labors. 



Click on the link below for an interactive map where you can zoom in on our estate in the Kigezi Mountains and see where your coffee is grown: