The rains have come, finally finally, the rains have come…

The coffee tree is an interesting one in that it performs best when it is under some stress.  Coffee needs a good dry season, to the point where it appears to be struggling with lack of rain, if it is to fully develop when the rainy season hits.  If there is too much rain, and coffee has too easy of a time, then the trees grow big and bushy, but the coffee cherries themselves remain under-developed.  So when harvested, the lack of development means you never really get those unique flavors which make a great cup of coffee.

However, when coffee trees are stressed due to lack of rain, then when the rains do return, the coffee trees spring to life.  The coffee tree then puts all of its energy into producing fruit, meaning the coffee cherries ripen rapidly and begin to almost burst open, full of beautiful flavors and aromas, which translates into a fantastic cup of roasted coffee.  With that in mind, we are very pleased that after a few dry months the rain has come again…KinghaCoffee Rain

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