Delicious, Organic, Ethical: Buy Coffee Beans Online

The best way to enjoy fresh and delicious coffee is to buy coffee beans directly. While it’s certainly easier to grab a jar of instant coffee from the supermarket, this does very little for your enjoyment of coffee! 

At Kingha, we’re extremely proud of the quality of our single-estate African coffee, which you can buy right now from our online store.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of buying coffee beans online and allow us to introduce you to our current harvest, which is available right now in Canada!

Why buy coffee beans online?

Everyone has a different approach to morning coffee, and it’s certainly not our intention to alter your daily coffee-drinking ritual too drastically!

However, you can truly enhance your coffee-drinking habits when you buy coffee beans that are quality and ethically sourced. 

You may know already that not all coffee is grown equally. Instant coffee typically consists of low-grade beans that have been grown in sub-standard conditions. They are then mass-produced and ground in such a way that means the coffee granules can be dissolved by boiling water.

As a result, instant coffee delivers an “instant” caffeine hit, but it’s certainly not a wholesome or flavoursome experience! 

Even if you’re not a coffee buff, switching to coffee beans is a great way to elevate your coffee-drinking experience. The benefits include the following: 


Perhaps the main reason to buy coffee beans is that it’s the best way to enjoy fresh coffee. It’s impossible to know how old the coffee beans are that are used in instant recipes, meaning you could be drinking seasons-old coffee that has seen better days. 

Conversely, freshly roasted coffee beans come with a roast date disclosed, meaning you know exactly when the beans were roasted. When you buy from Kingha, you are guaranteed to enjoy the freshest African coffee beans that are roasted to perfection – we can’t say fairer than that!


People are often surprised at how delicious home-brewed coffee can be. You certainly don’t have to visit your favourite Starbucks or local coffee chain to experience a delectable morning Americano or Espresso, as you can brew one for yourself at home! 

Primarily, the taste comes from the quality of the coffee bean (more on this below). But the taste is also linked to the brewing method and the care taken by the person responsible for making the brew. So, when you buy coffee beans for your home, you can spend time crafting a delicious cup of coffee that transforms your morning! 


Mass-produced coffee is bad for the environment, and due to the fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides used in the growing process, it doesn’t taste great. Again, when you rely on instant coffee or beans from big brands with little interest in sustainable practices, the quality of the coffee is questionable. 

However, when you buy coffee from Kingha and other direct trade suppliers, you can be 100% sure of the high quality of the beans. We invest a lot of time and money into our cultivation practices and are extremely proud of the high-grade coffee that we bring to the market every year.


Today, ethics influence our buying habits in a host of markets, from the clothes that we wear to the cars that we drive. Coffee is no different. You can be in full control of the ethics of the coffee beans that you buy when you choose a brand that is committed to high ethical standards. 

Again, at Kingha, we put ethics at the heart of everything that we do. When you buy our coffee beans, you can be confident that some of the money from every bag of beans contributes positively to the livelihoods of the people who grow our coffee. It’s something else that we’re immensely proud of.

How to buy coffee beans online

You can buy coffee beans directly from our online store. This is the best way to access high-quality coffee beans directly from our Ugandan estate, offering you the perfect opportunity to raise the stakes when it comes to your morning coffee-drinking habits. 

You can choose from natural or washed Ugandan coffee on our store, but we also offer raw green coffee to anyone who is interested in roasting their own at home. 

Grown at 1950 meters up in the Kigezi mountains, in the small village of Mpungu, this exceptional single-origin coffee comes from our partner farmer Vicent Butamanya’s 20-acre coffee farm. Vicent’s coffee farm lies at the end of a long and winding road way up in the mountains. Reaching his farm and getting his coffee cherries down the mountain presents some significant logistical challenges, but ones we are happy to overcome to bring you this exceptional coffee from an exceptional farmer.

So, if you’re ready to crank things up a notch, buy coffee beans from Kingha today and experience the very best that African coffee has to offer! 

If you would like more information about our single-estate African coffee, read through our blog and feel free to follow us on Instagram for regular updates.