The Wait is Over :-)

After a long wait, Kingha’s Single Origin Estate Coffee is now being roasted in Vancouver, BC by our partners at Single Village Coffee.  We’re still waiting for the final cupping report but early tasting notes include dark chocolate and passion fruit.  Less than 30kgs were roasted from this unique microlot so if you’re interested in sampling it, as either roasted coffee, or green bean, let us know and we’ll do our best to send some your way.  If you like what we’ve done with this amazing coffee you can reserve some from our upcoming microlots available in December.  Here are a few pictures of the green bean sample packs, the coffee we just roasted, and of December’s coffee growing on the estate and looking fantastic.


Coffee Training

Today we are in Nyakinoni, in S.W. Uganda training local coffee farmers about pest control.  Our lead agronomist is explaining to the group how they can recycle old plastic bottles and use them to trap harmful insects.  The farmers bait the trap using locally made banana gin and hang them in their coffee gardens…such a simple way to manage harmful coffee pests.

Coffee Community Outreach

Our Lead Community Outreach Agronomist has been hard at work helping to train local coffee farmers about the benefits of stumping old coffee trees.  Stumping old coffee trees encourages the growth of healthy, new branches, leading to a fully rejuvenated coffee garden.  After stumping, the farmers are encouraged to add shade tress to protect the coffee from direct sunlight.  This farmer has chosen to use Matoke, (a type of green banana tree), for his shade trees.  This means he will receive bonus income from the Matoke he grows, while protecting the coffee at the same time.  It’s a great feeling working within the community, really helping to make an impact on farmer livelihoods.   All of the lessons and training are provided for free as part of our continuing commitment to creating  sustainable coffee community.

Home Made Organic Fertilizer

With the rains coming down, and the our coffee trees primed for rapid growth, we’ve decided to make our own organic fertilizer using only materials commonly found on, or near, our estate.  At Kingha Coffee we have recently made a commitment to reusing everything we produce when we process coffee from cherry to coffee bean.  We are closing the loop and increasing biodiversity on our estate, where nothing we produce is wasted, and all our coffee is 100% homemade organic, from seed to tree to coffee cup.

Great Start to the Day

Today started with 8000 kgs of freshly harvested coffee cherries chillin’ in the sun.  It is going to be a busy day getting all this coffee processed…just to make things a bit busier we got pounded by rain last night, meaning a few hundred kgs of our Kingha Estate coffee is ripe and ready to be picked this morning…good thing we love a challenge 🙂8000 kgs 21-3-19

Arabica Coffee is Self-Pollinating…I’m Not Sure These Visitors Know That…

Arriving at the estate this morning we were greeted by a swarm of about 40,000 honey bees.  Apparently these bees are in the middle of moving from their old home to a brand new one.  The honey bees take all the honey they can carry, along with 2/3 of their old hive, and a queen, and go searching for a new home.  By the end of the day today they will be gone into their new hive to start a brand new colony…hopefully they decide to stay close to our estate, because even though Arabica is self-pollinating, it definitely helps to have 40,000 bees buzzing around come flowering season.

Bees in Our Trees
The new colony, in search of their new home.